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At Aspen View Academy we strive to have well rounded students. We want students to be challenged academically, but we want them to be able to grow as individuals and learn to respect others. We have used the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. acronym to teach character traits to our students what it takes to grow daily. It gives them a path to own mistakes when they are made, and to be rewarded when they are displaying the desired traits. For the month of March, the focus is going to be on the “C” which represents compassion. 
Compassion is not just the ability to understand how someone feels, but the ability to engage and help that person in their time of need. At Aspen View we teach our students to be compassionate to others inside the building as well as outside of it. Staff demonstrate this by being an active listener when students need help solving a problem. They spend the necessary time working through the process of how to solve a problem and then help them with putting the plan into action. 
It is not only the staff that shows compassion, but our students do as well. Students have helped our substitute teachers find important materials so that they could do their job. They help their classmates clean up a mess because there was an accident. Students have held open doors for staff and visitors that would struggle without it. They check in on their friends to make sure that they are ok. They respond when someone is in a time of need. 
The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. model has been a part of the Aspen View culture since its inception. Each character trait is part of the bigger picture of nurturing our students to be the best that they can be as a person. With the help of the PTO, we are looking for students that are displaying these character traits throughout the building every day. Staff members are going to be on the lookout for acts of compassion throughout the month of March so that they can hand out coins to the students. The students will use these coins to get a free book from the book vending machine. We want to catch as many students as possible showing compassion. If your student comes home with a brand-new book, take the time to ask them how they got it because there should be a good story about kindness behind it.

Dave Bodiker
Dean of Students