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Expansion news
We are approaching the homestretch! There is so much expansion activity going on at AVA. We are deep into phase 2 of our expansion project and we anticipate completion in early March. This is ideal because we should be able to transition into the new area during spring break and have all of the new areas ready for our students when we return from the break. I am also happy that our current 8th grade students will have a couple of months to experience the new and improved space.
Phase 1 of AVA’s expansion focused on adding more classroom space for our students and having middle school primarily on the third floor. We also built a new middle school commons area where our students will have meetings and lunch. We have been waiting for the serving equipment to arrive in order to open that area as a lunchroom, and I am happy to report that we have finally received the equipment and our middle school students have started having lunch in that new area. It was great to see their excitement as they experienced their new lunchroom for the first time. 
Phase 2 of the expansion includes a new, larger gym, a stage, a theater classroom, and a new music room. There will also be a larger, more spacious hallway that will open up the atrium area and provide some needed space for our students. Please click this link to get a sneak peek of the new space. When you have accessed the tour, click on the white dots to navigate to the different areas.
We are excited that we can provide this for our students and staff. While we know there have been some speed bumps along the way, the prize at the end will be well worth it. We have had to make adjustments to the carpool lane, block off areas so the workers can do their job, adjust student routes to ensure the safety of everyone, and be flexible as large machinery comes and goes in order to get this project done.
These expansion plans are all part of AVA’s commitment to providing our students with the best programming opportunities. Additionally, we will have more breakout space for our support staff (interventionists, gifted and talented, reading specialists, and student wellness staff) to have a dedicated space to meet with students. 
I know the students have enjoyed watching the work and progress. Thank you for your patience as the project enters the final stage. 
Bob Barber