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Principal's Message

As the principal of Aspen View Academy, I am honored to have the opportunity to share some reflections of the school year as we approach spring break. We have had an amazing year filled with hard work, dedication, and determination from both our students and staff. Our amazing community has come together to make this school year a success, and I could not be more proud.
Our students have shown incredible growth in learning this year. We have seen their reading and math skills improve, their creativity soar in the arts, and their teamwork and leadership abilities blossom. We have also had the pleasure of witnessing their kindness and empathy towards one another, which is a true testament to AVA’s core values.
The AVA staff has risen to the occasion this year, going above and beyond to ensure our students have the best possible educational experience. They have worked tirelessly to create engaging and meaningful lessons, provide individualized support, and foster a safe and welcoming environment. Their dedication and hard work is amazing and I am grateful for everything they do.

Thank you parents for entrusting us with your children and the support you have shown for the school. We have such an amazing climate and culture at AVA and that is because of the staff, students, and parents working towards a common goal of making sure our students learn in a safe and caring environment and come to school each day knowing they will be loved and cared for.
I hope everyone has a well-deserved fun, relaxing, and safe spring break.

Bob Barber
AVA Principal
Bob Barber