Admin Message

Well, that is it. We’ve reached the end of another great school year. This year didn’t have the major changes that the past 3 years have had. Absent Covid town halls and construction projects, the 2023-2024 school year seemed to go quickly and smoothly. These boring years are the years that I think we make the most progress, because it gives us on the board and admin time to plan and make small adjustments here and there, that ultimately keep the school focused on its main objective, educating your children. 
I did get the honor of attending two continuation ceremonies this year. One as a parent of a Kindergarten student and one as the Board President, for 8th grade. Both had laughter and tears for these big events in our students’ lives. While some are just getting started at our school, others are moving on to continue their education in high school. Both, however, showed an incredible positivity towards the future and the changes to come. I think as parents we tend to focus more on the negative side of changes that occur in life. The things that we can no longer do, or how different the world is now vs how it was. Going to those two continuation ceremonies made me think that we should as adults learn something from our children. Change is different, but it doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad. If we approached the world with more curiosity and excitement, like our students, would we too see change as an exciting opportunity? 
Without change for example, we would not have found our incredible admin, Bob Barber. Without change we wouldn’t have the incredible new facilities that we have today. Without change you would not have chosen to send your kids to Aspen View. All these changes were good changes, made by people that were focused on what is best for the students. I think that is something that the board and faculty have always strived for in big decisions and will continue to do so. If we focus our changes around a singular question, “What is best for students?”, we should never hesitate to be excited for these changes and the impact it will have on their education. 
Thank you all for letting me ramble. I want to thank you all for an incredible year and look forward to seeing you after a restful summer. 
Eric Patton
Board President
Aspen View Academy
P.S. There aren’t any big changes on the docket for Aspen View that I know of. So, please don’t worry that my ramblings are a precursor to some major change. I’m just getting old and like to ponder certain things as I experience them and have no other outlet. 😊 Have a great summer!