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The learning environment of any school is significantly influenced by student’s attire. The purpose of AVA’s Uniform Policy is to promote school unity and pride, lessen peer pressure, and minimize the distractions and disruptions that ordinary clothing may attract. Enrollment in AVA constitutes acceptance of this Policy, agreement to adhere to it, and
acknowledgement of discipline for noncompliance. 

To Purchase New Uniforms

All uniforms come from 

Our LandsEnd School ID number is: 900150863


You will need to create an account and enter information about your student. Once you have completed that, AVA’s uniform policy will appear and the appropriate uniforms will be available for purchase.


Lands’ End Online Uniform Link


Used Uniform Sales

The PTO also hosts used uniform sales a couple times a year. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase gently used items to supplement your students’ wardrobe or to sell items that are no longer needed.

Dress of Choice Days

Aspen View Academy has Dress of Choice Days the last Friday of the month. On Dress of Choice days, students are not required to wear the school uniform. 
Additional Dress of Choice Days may be added to the calendar as sponsored by the PTO. Some of these Dress of Choice Days may be "pay to dress", where students are asked to donate towards a cause in order to participate. 
Dress of Choice is a privilege. Students who misbehave or have 5 or more tardies in one month may not be allowed to participate in a Dress of Choice day.