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Middle School


Aspen View Academy's Middle School offers a rich Core Knowledge experience for students in grades six through eight. AVA Middle School continues to build a strong foundation for its middle school students to succeed in high school and life.
What AVA Middle School Offers
  • Academically Rigorous Curriculum
  • Character Education
  • Specials and STEAM rotations
  • Chromebooks for every student
  • Musical productions
  • Student Council
  • Varying elective choices each quarter

Middle School students now have the ability to choose electives. Elective options may change each quarter. Please be sure to read the handbook introduction, in full, to understand how to choose your electives. It is hoped that students find electives that will challenge, motivate, and above all engage them in learning.

AVA provides lockers for all students in grades 6-8. Lockers are school property and do not belong to individual students. Students will be held responsible for any excessive damage to their lockers. AVA has the authority to search lockers when deemed necessary. Locks may be cut off to search a locker. Lockers must be kept closed when not in use to maintain the integrity of the fire corridors and to avoid careless accidents. Items outside of lockers or on the floor may be removed and disposed of. It is the student’s responsibility to keep lockers secured. Locker combinations are not to be given to anyone else. AVA cannot be held responsible for valuables that are taken
and/or damages from lockers. 

Students in AVA’s Middle School are assigned a computer and keep that computer every year. Students are responsible for maintaining their computer and protecting against damage.

The following is the Middle School schedule when Aspen View Academy operates on a 90 minute delayed start.