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VOLUNTEERING COMMITMENT – AVA believes that the success of each student will be a shared responsibility of students, teachers, parents, staff, and community leaders. Volunteers enhance the school and its culture and character through their involvement. Accordingly, a strong family involvement program will be implemented. AVA expects 30 volunteer hours per family per school year. Single-parent families are expected to volunteer 15 hours per school year. The volunteer school year shall coincide with AVA’s fiscal year, and hours shall accrue from July 1 through June 30. If your family has special circumstances that make it difficult for you to meet the expected volunteer hours, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Many volunteer opportunities exist within AVA’s PTO. The PTO is an organization comprised of parent volunteers for the purpose of providing community support, fundraising and planning various events within our school community.




Lost and Found

AM Carpool

PM Carpool


The PTO also has many volunteer opportunities and way to get involved. To see those, please go to the PTO pages


Preregistration on the Raptor Volunteer site is required, this only needs to be completed one time. Once you have registered, you can log your volunteer hours on the Raptor Volunteer Portal. 


To log volunteer hours, please visit the Raptor Volunteer Portal.