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School Lunch

Aspen View Academy contracts with Douglas County School District's Nutrition Services to provide school lunch options for our families. The Douglas County School District (DCSD) opted into the Healthy School Meals for All program for the school year 2023-24. This means that all students will have access to reimbursable meals at their school at no cost. A la carte purchases and doubles will continue to be offered, but students will need to pay for them. These purchases will be charged to the student’s meal account if they have money in their MySchoolBucks account
Lunch Menu can be accessed here
All meals include an entrée, fruit, veggies, and milk.
Ala carte options are available at all schools and pricing varies by item. 
NOTE: Every student must select a half cup of fruit or vegetables for the meal to be free. Any items they want on top of the meal such as a la carte items or additional entrees will cost money and require payment from the student’s meal account.
Please ensure your student has money in their account for for a la carte items by visiting My School Bucks  
Students who generally bring their lunch from home are still required to have a lunch account as a backup. If a student forgets to bring their lunch to school, they will be allowed to charge their school lunch to their account. In general, students are to use positive behavior and to treat others with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. while in the cafeteria. The following guidelines will help ensure an orderly lunch period:
  • All food and drink items are to be consumed in the cafeteria.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning their table and floor area before leaving the cafeteria. For spills, ask for assistance from lunchroom supervisors by raising a hand.
  • Parents may bring outside food and drink for their own children only. For the safety of children with food allergies, bringing in food for anyone other than your own children is strictly prohibited. 
  • Respect and politeness must be shown to all, including the cafeteria staff and parent volunteers.
  • Students must be patient while waiting to be served. A single file line must be maintained and no “cutting” is allowed.
  • Students must be seated at a table when eating. Once seated, there is to be no moving without permission.
  • Throwing food, ice, or other objects is not allowed. Running, excessive noise, “horse play” or other disruptive behavior is not allowed. Students should refrain from shouting across tables. Noise levels should remain reasonable.
  • Students must not share food with others due to allergy/safety concerns.

DCSD encourages parents to complete a Free and Reduced Application if they normally would do so. The outcome of the applications is directly tied to District funding. The 2023-24 Free and Reduced Meal Benefits information is available on the DCSD Nutrition Services website under the Free and Reduced tab.