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School Day Info

Front Office

The Front Office is open on all school days between 7:45 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. It is closed on all holidays listed on the school calendar and during weather-related closures. You can contact the Front Office by calling 720-733-3436 or emailing [email protected]


All visitors must enter AVA through the Main Office. To receive a Visitor Pass, individuals must provide photo identification to be processed through and sign in by providing their name and purpose for visiting the school. Parents must submit a photo ID to be processed through. While on campus, the Visitor Pass must be displayed. Administration has the right to deny access to any individual. Visitors must also sign out in the Main Office prior to leaving the building. Visits to classrooms must be prearranged with the teacher prior to entering the school.
Access to specific areas and classrooms may be restricted at the discretion of Administration. Visitors are expected to comply with the AVA Community Agreement. 

Closed Campus

Students are not permitted to leave campus without being signed out by a parent, guardian, authorized adult, or a signed note with written parental/guardian permission to walk or bike home. If a student leaves school grounds without permission, (s)he is considered truant and subject to disciplinary action. 

Messages for Students

In the case of an emergency or unforeseeable circumstance, a message can be delivered to a student. Please make all after-school arrangements and communicate them to student(s) before the start of the school day. Parents are not allowed to call a student directly during the school day. This includes calling a student’s cell phone or teacher. 

Lost and Found

Any valuable or delicate item will be kept in the Main Office for safekeeping and identification will be required to claim an item. If a name is written somewhere on an item, every effort is made to return it to the student.

Found clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes, outerwear, etc. will be collected and placed in Lost and Found and will be kept until the end of each month. Periodically, all unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization. At the end of the year, any unclaimed uniform items in good condition will be donated to AVA’s Uniform Sale.

To help prevent lost items, parents are strongly encouraged to label their child(ren)’s belongings.