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Get Connected

A lot of our communication to families happens via email. We use the email address listed in Infinite Campus for parents/guardians. If you are not receiving emails from the school, please log in to Infinite Campus and check the email address listed for you. Also, check your Spam/Junk folder to see if our messages are being delivered there by mistake. 
New Family News
Newly enrolled Aspen View Academy parents will automatically be added to this mail list once registration paperwork has been turned in and approved. The school will send updates throughout the spring and early summer to all new families.
Classroom News
All Aspen View Academy parents are automatically added to classroom email lists as they complete enrollment in the summer. Parents will start receiving classroom emails once the new school year begins.
All-School News
Parents are automatically added to this mail list around July before the new school year. New parents enrolling after this list is created in July must OPT IN using the newsletter link below the News section on the website. This mail list includes occasional summer updates, weekly all-school school year newsletters and updates, occasional school year campus updates, and occasional updates from the Board of Directors.
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