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Payments & Fees

Aspen View Academy assesses a yearly consumable fee per student. K-8 student fees are collected during the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Express Check-In registration process through MySchoolBucks. Student fees are subject to change at the recommendation of school administration upon approval by the AVA Board of Directors.
The fees for the 2022-2023 School Year are as follows:
Elementary: $195
Middle School: $210
MySchoolBucks - all fees are assessed and paid through You will need to set up an account on the site to view and pay fees. 
Aspen View Academy, like all public schools in Colorado, is publicly-funded by taxpayers. We receive funding on a per-pupil basis based on the official enrollment that our school records on the state's official Pupil Count date, which is typically October 1. Our enrollment is substantiated by attendance that we record during the associated “count window” which typically begins five days prior to Pupil Count date and continues for five days past Pupil Count date. During the count window, schools are required to record attendance for every student; attendance is validated by the Aspen View Academy Registrar, the Douglas County School District and the Colorado Department of Education. You can find more information on Pupil Count on the CDE's website.
Per-Pupil Revenue (PPR) is Aspen View Academy's primary source of funding. We ask our families to please be cognizant of Pupil Count day and the count window when scheduling planned absences (trips, appointments). We understand unplanned absences may pop up (and we ask you to please keep your child home if they are ill); if you anticipate your student will be absent on Pupil Count day or during the count window, please contact the Front Office. 
All textbooks and electronic devices are the property of AVA and are on loan to students for their use during the school year. Students are responsible for the proper care of textbooks and electronic devices and must maintain them in good condition. Students should not highlight or write in textbooks.

At the end of the year or unit of study, students must return the exact numbered copy they were issued to get credit for turning in the book. Excessive damage will be noted at this time and students may be charged a fine for damages beyond typical wear and tear.

Students/parents will be responsible for the replacement cost of textbooks or electronic devices that are damaged beyond repair or not returned for any reason. If a textbook or electronic device is lost during the school year, a duplicate item will not be issued until the cost of replacing the lost item is paid. All replacement textbooks or electronic devices will be purchased by AVA.

Failure to pay these fees/fines may result in withholding report cards or transcripts and/or denying participation in graduation ceremonies.