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Intent to Return

If you are a current Aspen View Academy family, you need to complete the AVA Intent to Return form each year. This usually happens after the Winter Break. Please complete the Intent to Return Form for each of your currently attending AVA students (both if they are returning or enrolling elsewhere).
You do not need to do the DCSD Open Enrollment process to remain at AVA — if your student is currently attending AVA, they will be automatically enrolled for next year as long as you complete the Intent to Return form.
The Intent to Return Form enables AVA to determine openings for new students for the upcoming school year. Completing this form reserves your student(s) sport for the next year. If the form is not submitted by the deadline, AVA assumes you are not returning and your child's spot may be given to a student on the waitlist. 
Please note: open enrollment at another school overrides this Intent to Return.