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Annual Registration

Registration is a two-step process for AVA families. All currently-enrolled AVA families must complete both steps every year before school begins in August. 

STEP ONE: Complete Express Check-in through DCSD

Express-Check-in is required for all families whose students attend a school in Douglas County School District. This usually opens mid-July for all families to complete. Parent Instructions for using Express Check-In can be found here
DCSD Express Check-In is used to update the following information: 
  • Update household contact information (phone, email, etc).
  • Update student Health Information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc)
  • Update student Media Limitations
  • Pay annual Student Fees
  • Review district-required information
The deadline for Express Check-In (K-8th only) must be met by ALL families; failure to meet the registration deadlines may result in your child being unenrolled from Aspen View Academy and an offer extended to another student on our waitlist.

STEP TWO: Complete AVA-specific Check-in documents

In addition to Express Check-In, Aspen View Academy has its own forms that must be completed prior to the start of school. The forms that are required for AVA check-in can be found on the Forms page under Annual Registration. 

REQUIRED SUPPLY for Middle School Students

For the 2022-23 school year, AVA asks that all middle school student provide a headset (headphone + microphone) for use throughout the school year. This headset should be kept in a baggie in the students' locker and brought to class when requested. 
We are requesting all students provide their own headset for sanitary purposes. 
Some headsets that would work with the student computers include the following. They are all $25 or less.