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Enrollment FAQs

K-8 FAQs
AVA uses the DCSD Open Enrollment process. The only  way to add your student to the wait list is to add your student to the list during the Open Enrollment Window (typically November - December of the previous year). 
AVA follows the Douglas County School District policy for Kindergarten age requirements. In order to enter Kindergarten, your student must be five (5) years old on or before October 1st of the year they are enrolling.
In the same way that every child learns to walk at a different age, different children develop academic and social skills at different rates. We have linked a Kindergarten Readiness information sheet for your reference.

This is not a checklist, but a way for you reflect upon your child's strengths and growth areas as you prepare your child for Kindergarten. If your child has some of the skills listed in each area, your child's skills are in line with the expectations for kindergarten readiness. If your child has not yet acquired many of the skills in each area, it may indicate that your child could benefit from more experience in a structured learning environment or exposure to similar-aged peers prior to embarking on kindergarten.
Aspen View Academy is a tuition-free public charter school. We do not charge tuition for our K-8 students. We do have a supplies fee that is assessed yearly. 
Yes, but you must follow open enrollment procedures for Kinder.
Go to enrollment page, and follow the instructions for the Enrollment process.

Class placement is offered in December for the up coming year.