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Technology Policies

The following are important documents and policies that pertain to students and their families at Aspen View Academy. Students and families are required to review and sign the Technology Use Policy each year. 

Technology Use Form
Students and their parent(s) are required to review and sign the Technology Use Form (below). 

Do not share


Please do not share your Student ID number with anyone. Your Student ID is assigned by Douglas County School District when you first enroll as a student (maybe as a Kindergarten student or whenever you first started attending school in DCSD). Your Student ID stays with you as long as you are enrolled at any school in DCSD -- elementary, middle, and high school. Your Student ID is used as the computer/Google password at AVA and in DCSD schools, it is used for Infinite Campus where assignments and grades are reported, and it is used for lunch, and with the library checkout. 
Sharing this information can lead to identity theft and other malicious activities that can harm you.


Once a student reaches Middle School AVA provides a brand-new Chromebook that is assigned to the student for their entire 3 years at AVA. Students should not share their computer with other students. This is to protect the student. If a student allows someone else to use their computer, they are liable for any damages that occur. This includes any intentional or unintentional actions that cause harm to the school's network, system, or other devices.
This liability can result in financial consequences for the student and their family.
If you (as a parent) see two or more students' names listed on your child's login screen to the computer, please ask them to remove the other students' login and remind them of the liability in sharing their computer. We understand that students may want to help their friends or classmates by sharing their computer or ID number, but we urge you to discuss the importance of keeping this information private and the potential consequences that can arise from sharing it.
We take the safety and security of our students seriously and appreciate your support in maintaining a secure and responsible learning environment.