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Agenda & Minutes

AVA Board Working Sessions/Meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Please check the Event Calendar for updates.

Board of Director Meeting agendas and minutes will be added as they become available. Previous year archives for BoD minutes are at the bottom of this page.

Board of Directors Meeting Public Comments

The Aspen View Academy Board works for the students, parents, and patrons of Aspen View Academy in promoting the vision and mission of the school. Community input that can help the Board meet the challenge of educating our children to our high standards is always welcome. Thus, the Board welcomes comments from members of the public during the public comment time set aside on the agenda on any topic. Since we believe it is important for our community to have agenda topics ahead of time, the Board will rarely respond to public comments during this open forum. The Board will only act on items listed on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only, and may, at its discretion, refer the matter or calendar the issue for future discussion.

To sign up to speak during Public Comment please go to this link

Month Agenda Minutes
2021-2022 SY
June 06/11  06/11
May 05/19 05/19
April 04/21 04/21
March 03/24 03/24
February 02/17 02/17
January 01/20 01/20
December 12/16 12/16
December Special Session 12/09 12/09
November 11/18 11/18
October 10/28 10/28
October Special Session 10/01  
September 09/16 09/16
September Special Session 09/02  
August 08/19 08/19
Month Agenda Minutes
2020-2021 SY    
June 06/05 06/05
May 05/20 05/20
April 04/15 04/15
March 03/25 03/25
February 02/18 02/18
January 01/21 01/21
December 12/17 12/17
November 11/19  
November Emergency Board Meeting 11/08 11/08
October 10/22 10/22
September Special Board Meeting 09/28  
September 09/17 09/17
August 08/27 08/27