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Sports teams practice every day right after school unless you hear otherwise from the coach (email your coach to make sure you are on his/her email list). Pick up times will be around 5:15 but may vary from team to team –coaches will communicate pick up times/expectations.
Parents do not have access to the building after 4:00 PM –the Front Office is closed. If you arrive before student-athletes are dismissed from practice, you will need to wait outside, or you may go around back to the field (for soccer or x-country). Please DO NOT ring the Intercom buzzer. Please contact the respective coach directly with any questions.
Student athletes must complete the Athletic Packet to participate in a sport.

The Wolves’ Athletic Program is committed to:

  • Focus on improving skills –there is always a ‘next level’
  • Keep players active and engaged
  • Cultivate a life-long love for the game
  • Maximize character & leadership-building opportunities

As part of AVA’s commitment to valuing parent involvement, parents are expected to support coaches and partner with one another to arrange carpool transportation to away games. Supporting your student’s athletic team is a great way to get volunteer hours!


Parent’s Commitment:

By permitting my student-athlete to participate in Aspen View Academy’s athletic program, I commit to the following statements.
  • I will follow the RESPECT model toward officials, parents, players, other teams, and members of the community.
  • I will help with transporting my student-athlete to/from games.
  • I will respect the coach’s role in the guidance of my student-athlete.
  • I will support the coach’s game time decisions, and encourage my student-athlete to speak privately with the coach on playing time issues.
  • I will positively cheer for all members of both teams, understanding that all student-athletes are at different levels.
  • I will be on time for practices/games, and timely in picking up my student-athlete.
  • I will praise my student-athlete, and choose to focus on what they did right.


Students in Middle School (beginning with 6th Grade) are encouraged to participate in at least one sport per year. Students may only participate after the following have been submitted to and verified by the Front Office:

  • Athletic Packet (this includes three pages-AVA Participation/Physician Permit and DCSD Participation. Please submit completed packet.
  • $125 per player, per sport. This can be paid on

Note concerning physicals:

Student health and safety are top priorities. Per state law, student-athletes must submit a current physical examination to the school office before being allowed to participate. Please see the attached Interscholastic Participation Form.  This form must be completed and signed by a physician (MD, DO, NP, PA, or DC) and turned into the school office prior to any participation in practices or games.


The following Castle Rock clinics also offer school sport physicals on a walk-in basis, with no appointment needed.  Each clinic is open 7 days per week and accepts most major insurances.  (Cash-pay prices are listed separately).

  • The Little Clinic (located inside King Soopers)- 100 Founders Pkwy, 303-658-9799.  $33-$50 non-insurance/ cash price.
  • Founders Family Medical & Urgent Care- 4386 Trail Boss Drive, 303-688-8666.  $40 non-insurance/ cash price.


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