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Why AVA?


In addition to AVA’s unique core values and student outcomes, the following elements set AVA apart from other schools, in a special category of its own. These features have a gravitational pull that draws and holds dedicated educators and supportive families with whom these elements resonate.



AVA embraces the premise that the biggest predictor of long-term success in life is character (which also goes by other names like grit, perseverance, and buoyancy). Paul Tough convincingly makes this case in his book called Why Children Succeed. At AVA, students are challenged and supported in their character development through AVA’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T. program, student-written social contracts, follow-up reflection, ownership of behaviors, and accountability.



Research continues to confirm the neorological power of social anxiety theory: when anxiety goes down, performance goes up. Students learn, grow, and thrive when they feel safe, well-known, and cared for.



As an independent charter public school, AVA’s students are protected from political tug-of-wars and top-down dictums that have caused division and instability accross the nation. AVA’s curriculum is deeply rooted in curriculum maps and custom-selected resource packages. The most distictive features of AVA’s curriculum menu include: Core Knowledge, Latin, Wonders by McGraw-Hill, Shurley Grammar, Saxon Math.



This final feature comes as a bonus to every AVA stakeholder. Because this special school community has rallied around such unique values, student outcomes, and features, a synergistic alignment exists as we partner together for the good of our students. Like-minded educators and families are drawn to the distinctives of this wonderful learning community. As we collaborate and support one another in our shared mission, the sense of community, teamwork, and unity in purpose becomes palpable.