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Birthday Book Club

Help Recognize Your Student's Birthday!
Purchase a new book from the AVA Library Amazon Wish List and send it directly to the school. A special bookplate with the child's name will be placed inside the book and your child gets to be the first one to check out the book!
What is the Birthday Book Club?
An opportunity to honor your student, celebrate important occasions - birthdays, teacher retirements, etc. - and give the gift of reading to AVA students!
How do I participate?
  1. Go to the Amazon Wish List
  2. Help your child select a book from the list. PLEASE SELECT HARD COVER OR LIBARY BOUND BOOKS. This will ensure that your child's birthday book lasts a very long time in our wonderful library.
  3. Order the book and ship it directly to the school. Select: "This is a Gift" and ship to AVA (2131 Low Meadow Blvd, Castle Rock, CO 80109)
    At the "Gift Message" prompt, please add your student's name and homeroom
  4. Send an email to Molly O'Reilly letting her know you are participating, your student's birthday, and that a book is on the way!
What happens next?
  • When the book arrives at AVA, it will be processed as a library book and a Birthday Book Club sticker will be affixed to the inside of the front cover.
  • Your child will be presented with the book in class, photographed with the book, and the photo will be added to the Birthday Book Club webpage!
  • Your child will be the first to borrow and read this new library book!

Your gift is truly appreciated and will be a valuable contribution to the library collection for years to come!
Birthday Book Club Photos
Students who participate in the Birthday Book Club will be pictured below! Help us celebrate their special day!