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Week of May 6th:
**We have several students in our classroom with severe nut allergies, so please do not send snacks that contain nuts.  We also have have a student with a severe corn allergy. The students have been asked wash their hands after recess and lunch if they handle any nut/corn products. It is very important that we make sure our classroom is safe for everyone. 
We send our Thursday folders home each week with your child’s work.  Please return the clear folders on Friday, each week.
Please send your student to school with a filled water bottle as well as a couple healthy snacks for the day. Colorado weather changes hourly so please pack your student appropriate attire for the day. We will have PE every Thursday's - and some Friday's. Please have your student wear tennis shoes for those days.  
Monday, May 20th- Field Day 4th Grade (Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water bottle)
Tuesday, May 21st- Pirate Day!! 
Thursday, May 23rd- Last Day of School: Dismissal at 11:30am
Daily Schedule - 4th Grade

8:00-8:15 Morning Work/DLR

8:20-9:05 STEAM: STEM lab, Art, Music, Computers

9:10-9:45 History/Science

9:45-10:00 Recess

10:05-10:35 Intervention

10:35-11:35 Reading

11:40-12:00 Grammar/Writing (Literacy)

12:00-12:40 Recess and Lunch

12:45-1:45 Math

1:50-2:25 History/Science

2:25-2:35 Literacy

2:35-3:20 Specials (PE, Library, Character Ed. Spanish)

3:30 Dismissal


We are in a Blue Week 

SPECIALS Schedule:  

Mon     Spanish
Tues    Character Ed
Wed     Library 
Thurs   PE
Fri        Rotates through M/T/W/TH
STEAM Schedule: Does not change during the week. 
Red Week          STEM
Orange Week     Music
Green Week       Tech
Blue Week          Art
Spelling Unit 6 Week 5 Spelling is done for the year!!
Spelling list is given on Monday. Spelling test is given on Friday. Students must complete FOUR spelling practices by Friday. Students may complete their spelling practices, handwritten practices, Spelling  City, or a combination to complete their 4 activities. 

Spelling practice may be done on --your students will have their own personal log-in that is glued into their planner. My teacher user name is dmarkert2. They need to do one activity every day before the test (usually 4 activities unless it is a short week) They may also choose to do handwritten assignments instead or in combination with the VocabularyAtoZ,com. If they choose to do these assignments, a list may be found below of possibilities for this. Handwritten assignments must be turned in on Friday. This is for a grade, so please make sure that your student completes four a week.
Rainbow words:  Write each word in one color. Then trace over it again in a different color.  Then copy it again one more time in a third color.
Syllables:  Write each word out two times each, separating it with dashes by syllable.  Ex:  el-e-phant
Vowels and Consonants:  Write each word two times, using one color for vowels (including y), and one color for consonants.
Draw:  For each word, use the word and draw a picture from the word to illustrate what it means.
Write each word using shapes.  I need to be able to read the word clearly. 
Three formats:  Write each word--1st printed, 2nd in cursive, 3rd in a color
Spelling steps:  Step, spell each word.  Ex:  c   co   col   colo   color
Flashy Words: Make a set of flashcards for studying your words. Put them in an envelope or sandwich bag and turn in with your spelling homework.
Word Search: Make a word search on graph paper using all of your spelling words. Don't forget to write a list of the words to search for. 
Rich Words: Write out your spelling words and then find the value of each word. (a=$1, b=$2, c=$3, etc.)
Word Funnies: Create a comic strip using all of your spelling words. 
Living History Biography
Chapter 12: Pattern 1, 2 and 3.
Shurley Grammar is the curriculum we use for Grammar.   
Shurley Grammar Jingles Link:
visit Mrs. Doyle's website