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Week of: May 20th-23rd

Hello!  Welcome to second grade! I hope that you had a fantastic summer!  Are you just as excited to start the new school year as I am?  Our classroom will be a place where we will discover many interesting things, do amazing projects, and build our confidence as we grow as readers, writers, mathematicians and so much more. I am so grateful to be starting this journey with you and your student. 


  • ART is our rotation for STEAM this week! Friday specials this week: None
  • Please send your student with a labeled water bottle, and a nut free snack daily.
  • To avoid lost or broken student items please leave toys and personal items at home.
  • Please label all student items with your students name & grade level.
  • Dress for the weather!  Don't forget labeled coats, hats and gloves when necessary.
Book Order:


Steam schedule will rotate weekly.


Music Orange 
Tech Green 
Art Blue


Monday Spanish
Tuesday Character Educations
Wednesday Library 
Thursday PE


  • Field Day Pre-K- 2nd: Monday, May 20th from 8:20-9:45
  • Last Day of School Half Day: Thursday, May 23rd dimissal at 11:30
  • End of Year Party: Thursday, May 23rd 10:00-11:15


  • Mrs. Monheiser's Math Skill Group Homework: No homework! 
  • Mrs. Monheiser's Reading Skill Group: No homework!


Math: Saxon Lesson 

  • Review for End of Year
  • Saxon End of Year Test
  • Math Games & Review


           Login: amonheiser1
           Password: ava123
Core Knowledge Literature:

We will be reading:

April CKLA
  • Magic Paintbrush
  • Hurt No Living Thing
  • Charlottes Web
March CKLA
  • Blind Men and the Elephant
  • TIger
  • Brahaman and Jakal
  • Discovery
  • Windy Nights
February CKLA:
  • Greek Myths
  • Smart
  • Limericks
January CKLA:
  • How the Camel Got It’s Hump
  • Seashell
November CKLA:
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • The Fisherman and His WIfe
  • Something Told the Wild Geese
  • Rudolph is Tired of the CIty
December CKLA:
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Twas Night Before Christmas
  • Lincoln
  • Harriet Tubman



Shurley Grammar 

  • Chapter 1: Five Parts of the Complete Sentence
  • Chapter 2 : Nouns & Verbs
  • Chapter 3: Adverbs
  • Chapter 4: Adjectives
  • Chapter 5: Article Adjectives
  • Chapter 6: Declarative & Subject/ Predicate
  • Chapter 7: Preposition/ Object of the Preposition
  • Chapter 8: Modification of Object of the Preposition
  • Chapter 9: Multiple Prepostions in a Sentence
  • Chapter 10: Subject Pronoun
  • Chapter 11: Possessive Pronoun
  • Chapter 12: Helping Verbs
  • Chapter 13: Possesive Nouns
  • Chapter 14: Object Pronoun
  • Chapter 15: Exclamatory Sentence


Current Writing Topic: Informational Writing

  • Writing a complete sentence
  • Friday Journals 
  • Benson Handwriting


Modern Japanese Civilization
  • Geography
    • Locate relative to continental Asia: “land of the rising sun”
    • A country made up of islands; four major islands
    • Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan
    • Mt. Fuji
    • Tokyo
  •  Culture
    • Japanese flag
    • Big modern cities, centers of industry and business
    • Traditional craft: origami
    • Traditional costume: kimono


Life Cycles
  •  The life cycle: birth, growth, reproduction, death
  • Reproduction in plants and animals
  • From seed to seed with a plant
  • From egg to egg with a chicken
  • From egg to frog
  • From butterfly to butterfly: metamorphosis 

Daily Schedule Room 224


Arrival/ Morning Meeting                                                                                              

8:20-9:20 Math                                                                                                                    


10:30-      11:15  


11:20-11:40/ 11:20-12:00 Recess & Lunch                                                                                            
12:05-12:40 Science/ History                                                                                         
12:40-1:25   Specials                                                                            
1:25-1:40   Writing                                                                                      
1:45-2:05   Recess                                                                                                    
2:05-2:20    Writing                                                                                       
2:25-2:45 Intervention
2:45-3:20 Science/History
3:20- 3:30   Pack Up/ Dismissal                                                        



Steam schedule will rotate weekly. 


Music Orange 
Tech Green 
Art Blue


Monday Spanish
Tuesday Character Educations
Wednesday Library 
Thursday PE


Parent Resources:

Please be sure your student is reading twenty minutes each night.  I know this seems like a lot of work but it will pay off in the long run!


DIBELS Reading Assessment: is administered three times a year and also continuously monitored through out.  You will be receiving the results in Thursday folders after each benchmark.

Meet Mrs. Monheiser

 Although I have lived in seven states I am so grateful to be a Colorado native.  We moved back to Colorado in 2012 and have fallen in love with this small town community of Castle Rock.  My family consists of my husband and our two amazing kids.   We have also added another family member to our crew a sweet Labradoodle named Mia.:)


I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Elementary Education. This will be my eleventh year in the classroom and I am super excited to be teaching second grade.  What drew me to Aspen View Academy was the rich curriculum and strong support system for all students.  It was refreshing to see kids getting exactly what they needed to grow and thrive.  I am so grateful to be apart of such an amazing community.


When I have free time I love to be with my family.  I also enjoy reading, writing, watching college football, hiking, museums, art and history of any kind.