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QUARTER 4 AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - March 27th through May 12th

Below are the 4th Quarter Clubs currently available for registration. This page will be updated as more become available. All after school club registration will occur in My School Bucks and clubs will remain open until filled or March 27th, whichever comes first. 

The Dungeons & Dragons club is where students go to learn and play the popular table top role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Students will make their own character, go on fantastic adventures, and earn enormous piles of treasure as they complete quests! It is also the perfect place for new players to learn the game and make new friends.


Lego Masters with Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Hainer (1st-5th)

Students will work on different individual and group Lego challenges each week.


Volleyball Developmental Clinic with Mrs. Farrell (5th-8th)

The goal of this program is to develop complete volleyball players by learning technique in all the skills used in the game. It is important that younger players develop good technique, basic knowledge of the game, and get as many touches as possible. The most important part of this clinic will be building the love of volleyball in the players.
  • Serving (standing and jump)
  • Serve Receive and defensive passing
  • Hitting
  • Setting
  • Volleyball IQ decision making
  • Offensive/Defensive system skills

Design Makers with Mr. Bodiker (5th-8th)

Learn how to create and produce your own projects. After learning the basics of graphic design, you will actually  design and then produce your own magnets, bag tags, key chains, and license plates. You will learn how to fabricate products using both sublimation and laser engraving. Sublimation is a type of ink that leaves a permanent design once heat is applied to an object.

Coding Club with Mrs. Orness (2nd-8th)

Beginner/Intermediate Coding Levels. This club is a combination of Introduction to HTML, Block Coding, and Introduction to Visual Game Creator. 


Happy Crafts Club (K-5)

Each week will be creating a new project to take home. The majority of classes will be guided activities, but we will mix in a little "free craft time" so kids can really let their imagination take off. We will be doing Holiday themed crafts, watercolors, Perler beads, and much more! 


Kickball/Gaga Ball with Mrs. Chambless (2nd-5th)

Ready for some fun competition?! 3 weeks of Kickball and 3 weeks of Gaga Ball! 


Girls Basketball Club with Mrs. U (3rd-8th)

Girls Basketball club will focus on the basketball fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, passing, defending, and working as a team. Fun activities and scrimmages will be incorporated to also teach the fun of the game of basketball. 


Wolf Pup Cheer with Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Coffelt (K-3rd)

Come join us for after school cheer and snacks. We will be learning cheers and a Pom dance. More PomPoms, bows, and a new shirt!


Snack, Book and Craft Club with Mrs. Miller and Ms. Spivey (K-2nd)

This fun club will provide snacks, a fun book, and then a fun craft to go with that book! Then clues will be given to guess what the next book will be!




Club payment can be made through My School BucksLog into My School Bucks with your account information
  1. Select the School Store option
  2. Select the button “Browse all items”
  3. Select “View Details on the item and then add it to your basket”
  4. Check Out


Aspen View Academy teachers and staff offer a wide variety of after school clubs. The clubs run for one quarter. They may meet once or twice a week. Registration and Club List is usually announced two weeks before the new quarter begins.
Aspen View Academy’s mission and vision describe the benefits of a well-rounded education that is completed by enriching activities that extend beyond the classroom.
For the holistic growth of AVA students, varied activities that foster technology, leadership, arts, sports, nature, or character development are valued. The most successful activities are thoughtfully planned in advance, clearly communicated, and purposefully designed for AVA’s students. The process below exists to protect the outcomes that are most important for students and families as well as the school’s overall strategic focus.