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Meet Mrs. Robertson


Important dates:


May 17th

Wear PJ's to school

May 20th

Field day - wear sports wear

May 21st

Yes Day

May 22nd

Vacation Wear!

May 23rd

Fancy Wear and half day 11:30 dismissal


Our Class List







Poetry UNIT





Shirley grammar:



Double digit addition 
Greater than or less than
Measuring with a ruler
Habitats and presentations



STEAM and Specials at a glance

Specials Schedule: ( 9:30-10:10am)

Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: Spanish
Wednesday: Character Ed.
Thursday: Library
Friday: TBA
STEAM Schedule: (1:45-2:25pm)


Character Focus 

August/ September- RESPECT - Showing high regard for an authority, other people, self and country. Treating others as you would want to be treated.

October- Responsibility: Being honest and accountable in word and deed. Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability and commitment.

November- Empowerment: We believe children must be equipped with the ability to make good decisions independently of adults. By internalizing the habits and behaviors that demonstrate responsibility, they will be empowered to lead successful, productive lives.

December- Sharing: Developing a willingness to share knowledge, experiences and time to enrich learning, give back to the community through school projects and constantly seek ways to improve through continuous input and feedback

January- Patience: We strive to develop Aspen View students with a level of perseverance and diligence that will instill the confidence needed to succeed in whatever endeavor our students undertake

February- Excellence: Striving to do the best in everything you do, while maintaining a positive attitude and a spirit of self-confidence

March- Compassion: Caring in action. Treating others with kindness, generosity and a forgiving spirit.

April- Teamwork: We will create an atmosphere that fosters collaborative and team-focused success to enrich our students and prepare them for high school, college and a collaboration driven marketplace

May- RESPECT - Showing high regard for an authority, other people, self and country. Treating others as you would want to be treated