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Jill Christiansen

Learning Specialist

Meet Mrs. Christiansen: Learning Specialist 5th-8th grade

Mrs. Christiansen has been at Aspen View since it opened in 2013.  Mrs. Christiansen received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Northern Colorado  and continued her education at the University of Colorado and received a master’s degree in Special Education.


Mrs. Christiansen grew up in Colorado, a fourth generation native. She enjoys all that Colorado has to offer, especially the beautiful sun. She also enjoys traveling. Mrs. Christiansen has been to Australia two times and seven countries in Europe.  When Mrs. Christiansen is not at school, she enjoys watching sports, golfing, and hanging out with her husband and her son, Henry.  


Mrs. Christiansen's classroom is full of energy and learning. She works hard to create an environment that is supportive, engaging, and respectful. Mrs. Christiansen implements all aspects of the RESPECT model in her classroom. Each student is encouraged, supported, and cared for.