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April News
AVA Pre-K April 2022

Dear Parents,

We are one bunch of happy chicks here in PreK. We are all enjoying the spring weather
and units of study. We are learning about what animals are hatching from eggs and

what’s happening down in the dirt. April will bring lots of great experiments and experi-
ences to science. We will explore the sights and sounds of spring. We will end our Farm

Life unit with a trip to Lowell Farm. Then it’s Earth Day and planting followed by
Healthy Bodies.

All the PreK staff enjoy our day laughing and watching your little ones bloom!
Many thanks to our wonderful room parents for coordinating decorating the playground
for spring. Thank you to all parents who donated items and their time. We love it!

Math Matters

We will be reinforcing our money concepts, numeracy and
place value. Ask us about our 10’s song and watch us pop!
We will also introduce clocks and counting by 2’s.

Phonics and Literacy

We will keep reinforcing our sight words and phonics con-
cepts. We will play rhyming games and mystery word

games as we look for beginning, middle and ending sounds.




To complete our unit on healthy
bodies, we will have a fun-filled Bike
Day here at the school!
Kids can bring their bikes and
helmets that day. We will need
parents to set up the bike course
with fun stations such as decorating,
fueling, washing and snack stop.
We will need lots of parent help on
this one. It’s such a fun event!

Small motor and writing
We have started our new handwriting practice, fine tuning
and forming great letters. Writing and building words are
a big part of every day in Pre-K. We will start our reading
readiness book by the end of the month.

Important Days

Sprit day: April 8th flower hats and spring colors

Paid Dress of Choice: April 13th
Farm field trip: April 15th

No school/Teacher work day: Friday, April 22nd
Bike Day/Dress of Choice: April 29th


Aspen View Academy Pre-Kindergarten

At Aspen View Academy Pre-K we strive to provide a planned educational program for pre-elementary children. Our program emphasizes the key relationship between child, parent, and the learning environment. Research has shown that the most significant influences on children’s lives come from their home and especially from the parents, who are the child’s primary teachers.


Our goal is to foster the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of each child-to emphasize total development. We recognize that all children are individuals with specific needs, we therefore attempt to offer rich and enriching experiences in a sensible progression, allowing the children to proceed at their own pace without pressure.  In recent years there has been increased recognition of the benefits of early childhood education.   Aspen View Academy embraces a vision of a preschool program utilizes these critical first years to give children a head start in all areas of development. Fostering a love for lifelong learning. 


Our program strives to meet the developmental needs of all children in a creative, nurturing way. Each child is given maximum consideration as an individual. The classes are professionally staffed with early childhood educators and specialists, working in an enriched educational environment.


 Active learning is an integral part of our program, since it is the child’s way of experimenting and learning to cope with the surroundings. Through hands-on activities children gain confidence in themselves, learn to use varied materials, take turns, share, be leaders and followers, and make choices. Staff members are involved with the children, facilitating and challenging each child at his/her appropriate level.


You and your family are a valued part of our program. Please feel free to visit the classes at any time; we have an open door policy to parents. Teachers are also interested in family concerns and home events. We encourage you to share any information about your child’s life or activities that will help us provide a supportive and exciting program.


The program may hold various family activities throughout the year. You will be informed of these events by your teacher. Family involvement in the program is highly encouraged and a large part of our program. We encourage you to volunteer in your child’s room, serve on the AspenViewAcademy board and attend classroom events.

We appreciate the opportunity to share this year of your child’s life and are looking forward to a wonderful educational experience for all of us.



Our Philosophy 

What makes a great preschool?  At Aspen Academy Pre-K program we believe it starts with providing a safe and caring atmosphere where children and families feel welcome and important.  We recognize and value the trust placed in us to be one of a child’s first teacher.


Our developmentally appropriate program believes in supporting the whole child. Our program teaches through practices that understand a child learns best when their mental, emotional, physical and social needs are met in loving way.  We understand that children come from all walks of life. As children join our program their individual differences are celebrated. We take joy in getting to know each child and we value lessons learned from each of our Aspen View Academy families.


Each classroom provides experiences that entice early learners into play experiences including art, science, reading, writing, math, dramatic play and physical activity.   Early academics are shared and taught with the support of highly trained staff that prepares lessons to reach each child’s learning style.  This is accomplished by embracing the theory of Multiple Intelligence's.


We believe that every child learns in different ways.  By creating lessons and play experiences that reach the different types of learners, we know every child can grow at their own pace, in their own way. Led by their own curiosity students discover something new every day.  Our goal is to teach a love for learning that will be the foundation for a lifelong learner.


Families play a vital role in our program.  Children feel safe and can achieve success when they see their parents and teachers as partners.  We welcome families into the classroom.  Their involvement supports staff and builds a community of caregivers around each child.


Meet Ms Debi


My name is Debi Stalker and I am the Pre-K teacher for the full day program at Aspen View Academy.  I am also the Pre-K Director.  I am fortunate to be part of a great team of early childhood educators here at Aspen View Academy.

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education for more than 20 years.  I have played the role of Teacher and Director throughout my career and have gained the blessing of knowledge and experience to allow me to wear the many hats I am now fortunate to wear at AVA.


My career started at Florida State University where I received my BA.  This took me to schools in Florida and California.  My family then traveled to Colorado in 2000 and found the lovely town of Castle Rock.

I have a wonderful husband and two amazing daughters.  I love being the busy mom and supporting them in all their adventures in school and sports.


Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.  I look forward to getting to know each of our Aspen View Academy Pre-K families.


Our Daily Schedule

8:00-8:15  Doors open/wash hands
8:15-8:30 Celebration/Morning Circle
9:00-9:15 Phonics/Handwriting
9:20-9:40 Large Motor Play
9:45-10:00 Snack
10:15-11:00 Center Activities
11:00-11:30 Science

Wash hands/Lunch

12:20-1:15 Nap (set up and quiet time)
1:20-1:45 Large motor play
1:45-2:00 Snack
2:00-3:15 Learning Centers
3:15-3:25 Classroom Clean up
3:25-3:30 Celebration Circle-Launch
3:30-4:00 Office hours

Info coming about 2020-21 Staff