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Classroom Expectations:

  1. Please come into my room prepared to listen, work and have fun!
  2. We will be using tools in this class. Since your safety is incredibly important to me, it is essential that you follow all safety rules.
  3. Please ask permission to leave the classroom. My classroom is on the first floor, so you will need to use the first floor bathrooms across from the front office.
  4. If you pay attention in class and participate, you will not have homework.
  5. This class is project based, so instead of having tests, we will have short presentations at the end of each project.  Yay! No tests!
  6. Most days, we will not need to use computers. Please be prepared to take a break from blue light and do not use any electronics unless told to do so.
  7. Be respectful to all students, teachers and yourself. Remember that your words have the capacity to hurt others.  

Absences and make-up work:

Missing Work Policy: Specials/STEAM teachers are responsible for updating grades by Monday of each week, including marking any missing assignments. If an assignment is missing, please regard the following extension periods:

6th Grade (during first quarter only): 3 weeks

6th Grade (2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters): 2 weeks

7th Grade: 2 weeks

8th Grade: 2 weeks

Teachers will also be responsible for emailing parents/students notifying them of missing work on a weekly basis. Please remain updated on IC and email communication. Thank you! 


Class Schedule

Period 1 (8:00 a.m-9:05 a.m): PLAN

Period 2 (9:09 a.m-9:59 a.m): 8th Grade

Period 3 (10:08 a.m-10:58 a.m): 6th Grade

Period 4 (11:02 a.m-11:52 a.m): 7th Grade

Period 5 (12:01 p.m-12:51 p.m): 6th Grade

Lunch: 12:51 p.m-1:36 p.m

Period 7 (1:41 p.m-2:36 p.m): PLAN

Period 8 (2:40 p.m-3:30 p.m): Electives

A little bit about Mrs. Cooper:

I was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. I started my college adventure at the University of Oklahoma and ended up finishing my degree  at Metro State College of Denver after I moved to Colorado. Once I graduated, I started a family and decided to take a few years off before I began my teaching career. I had my own baking business making special occasion cakes and cupcakes. As my children got older, I started subbing here at AVA and then eventually took a teaching job in Highlands Ranch. This is the start of my third year teaching and I am so very happy to be here at AVA! I have two boys, Logan and Bryce, and a wonderful husband, Ryan. Our family loves to play board games, baseball and soccer, and I am currently teaching myself how to paint with watercolors. I live here in Castle Rock with my family and our Goldendoodle, Dexter.