Two seats will be opening up on the AVA Governing Board

Per Aspen View Academy By-laws, two seats on the Aspen View Academy Governing Board will be ending in May, 2023  One of the seats is an elected seat. The additional seat is appointed, and may be appointed by the AVA Board of Directors at their May 18th, 2023 meeting.
If you would like to be considered for the elected 3-year term on the AVA Board of Directors, please complete the nomination form. The nomination requires 10 signatures of eligible voters: AVA parents and staff. The form must be turned in to the AVA front office by Wednesday April 19th at 4:00pm.  When submitted, the form will be time stamped, and you will be given a receipt acknowledging acceptance of the nomination form.  If there is only one nominee, the nominee will win the seat, and there will be no election. If no nominations are received, the current AVA Board of Directors will appoint the seat.

Candidates are required to submit a campaign questionnaire to answer a few basic questions about board service. When submitted, the answers may not exceed two pages and must be submitted by April 19 th at 4:00pm to Troy Schroeder (Board President) at [email protected] The campaign questionnaire for each candidate will be posted on the school website and emailed to the school community on April 20th. There will be a candidate forum at the AVA board meeting on April 20th as part of the Board’s
Working Session. Candidates will be required to attend the April Board meeting to participate in the candidate Q&A.
The election will take place May 12th through May 16th.  Each parent and AVA staff member may vote per AVA Board Election Policy.  No Proxy voting will be allowed.
The Nomination Form and the Candidate Questionnaire are available on the Board of Directors page of this website.