Elementary Halloween Parties

Halloween parties for PK-5th grade  students will take place on Friday, Oct. 28 from 1:30pm – 3:15pm (grades 6-8 will not have parties as they are having a dance instead – the dance will be Friday, November 4). Students can start changing into costumes at 1:30pm. and the parade will begin at 1:45pm.  Students will parade around before the parties begin. The students' parade will follow an established route. Parties will commence immediately following the parade. Students do not have to bring a costume if they do not want to. Once the parties are done, you are free to take your child home.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who do not wish their child to participate in the Halloween party, we will have an alternate activity planned for them, or you are welcome to pick them up early from school. Also, your child does not have to dress in costume; that is your decision. No child will be forced to be in the Halloween parade. Please let the classroom teacher know if your child will not be participating in the parade or party.

Costume guidelines: 

  • No weapons, blood, gore, or make-up.
  • Costumes should be conservative in style.  
  • Halloween masks (for the parade only) are permitted as long as they follow the guidelines. 
  • Kids will bring their costumes to school to change into before the parade. 
  • Inappropriate props such as blood, plastic swords, guns, knives, and weapons of any kinds are not allowed.
  • Students should NOT wear their costumes to school. Time will be provided to change into costumes.
  • No Halloween masks are to be worn in the classrooms; they are permitted during the parade.