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Birthday Gram 24-25 School Year

Birthday Gram

2024-25 School Year

The Aspen View Academy PTO is pleased to offer the opportunity to recognize your AVA Student/Friends birthday by putting their special day on the marquee, located at the entrance of the school!  Simply fill out the form below.  Please note the following:

  1. Each message is $10.
  2. To maintain confidentiality, we will only put the student's first name and last initial.  
  3.  DEADLINE is 14 DAYS BEFORE YOUR STUDENT'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! (no exceptions)
  4. The Gram will run for 2 days on the marquee. The Marquee runs from 6am - 8pm daily. If their birthday falls on a Saturday we will run the message on Friday and Saturday. If their birthday falls on a Sunday we will run the message on Sunday and Monday.

All collected fees will go towards academic programs, student scholarships, teacher appreciation events, technical equipment and much, much more via the PTO!

NOTE: If you complete this form with less than 14 days notice, there is no guarantee the message will be put on the sign.

The charge on your credit card will show up as: OSP Online School Management

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The cost for a Birthday Gram is $10. There is a .75 processing fee added to that, for a total of $10.75
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