Before and After Care


Summer Camp will begin on June 29th. We are welcoming 50 students daily in groups of ten. We will not be going on field trips. You may register and reserve your spot now. Please email Tina Lund for more details.


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AVA BASE (Before and After School Enrichment)

We are the AVA Wolf Pack and we welcome you!


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Summer 2020 Registration Begins in March.  We offer day camp June 1st through July 31st and we are closed June 29th – July 3. Anyone who is 5 and older can attend.  We take field trips Mon – Thurs and will have an onsite day on Friday.  We are open from 6:30 to 6pm. Our field trips are usually from 9 until 3pm. More information coming soon!

School Year 2020/2021 Registration will begin in April

School Year 19/20 Registration

BASE is now enrolling children as young as 4 years old!
Starting October 21st, 4 year old’s will be able to attend BASE on school days only.
Unfortunately, we cannot take 4 year old’s on full days or during summer camp due to busing restrictions.

We are happy to announce that BASE registration is OPEN!!
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The rates for 19-20 school year, per student, are as follows:
Initial Registration Fee: $35


Schedules are entered on a weekly basis during the school year and a bi-weekly basis for summer camp. The weekly schedules are due by the Tuesday the week before care is needed and are submitted via the parent connect portal. Payment is due at time of scheduling.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Drop-In must receive prior approval from the director.  In addition, no refunds or exchanges are granted after the calendar’s due date.  Drop in days may be available, but your child will need to be registered in order to utilize this service. All days must be approved in advance to ensure proper staffing and space availability.You can do this by calling or texting 303-888-3040. The front office staff will not be able to assist you with this.

BASE Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Director: Tina Lund;
Assistant Director: Annie Baumann;

Before Care $ 8 daily / $10 Drop In
After Care $12 daily / $15 Drop In
Summer Camp – On Site $35 daily / $45 Drop In
Summer Camp – Field Trip $45 daily / $55 Drop In