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AVA BASE (Before and After School Enrichment)

We are the AVA Wolf Pack and we welcome you!

Kids Night Out Event Information

Kids Night out happens about once a month.

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Summer Camp Information

Summer Camp Flyer 2019-Updated



Summer Camp Registration has been reopened. 

School Year 19/20 Registration 

Submit Registration Here

Please click on Camp Flyer for details on pricing and schedule.  

Once registration is completed, you can enter the  Parent Connect Portal here to enter your desired scheduled days. For instructions Click Here

Please note that you first register your children and then you will receive a confirmation email with the link to go back in to fill out their schedule.  You will want to write down your username and password when you register because you will need this to get back in to do scheduling.

If you make an error while registering, you will be able to fix that later.  Simply log into the connect portal after you have completed the registration, click on the personal tab and located near your child’s name will be a spot that says update info.



Open Registration

The rates for 19/20 school year, per student, are as follows:
Initial Registration Fee: $35


Schedules are entered on a weekly basis during the school year and a bi-weekly basis for summer camp. The weekly schedules are due by the Tuesday the week before care is needed and are submitted via the parent connect portal. Payment is due at time of scheduling.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Before Care                                                                                    $  8.00 daily / $10 Drop In
After Care                                                                                       $12.00 daily / $15 Drop In
Summer Camp – On Site                                                               $35.00 daily / $45 Drop In
Summer Camp – Field Trip                                                            $45.00 daily / $55 Drop In


Drop-In must receive prior approval from the director.  In addition, no refunds or exchanges are granted after the calendar’s due date. 

Drop in days may be available, but your child will need to be registered in order to utilize this service. All days must be approved in advance to ensure proper staffing and space availability.You can do this by calling or texting 303-888-3040. The front office staff will not be able to assist you with this.


BASE Parent Handbook 19 20

Director: Tina Lund;
Assistant Director: Annie Baumann;