Activity Proposals


Aspen View Academy’s mission and vision describe the benefits of a well-rounded education that is completed by enriching activities that extend beyond the classroom.

For the holistic growth of AVA students, varied activities that foster technology, leadership, arts, sports, nature, or character development are valued.

The most successful activities are thoughtfully planned in advance, clearly communicated, and purposefully designed for AVA’s students. The process below exists to protect the outcomes that are most important for students and families as well as the school’s overall strategic focus.

Outcomes for Students and Families

  • Strategic offerings
  • Clear communication
  • Thoughtfully planned
  • Equitable and varied
  • Aligned to AVA’s mission and vision


  • Each December and June AVA’s Administration team will review new proposals.
  • Two avenues exist for providing AVA students with opportunities that will produce the above outcomes:
    • Propose an Activity (like an after-school club)
    • Request a Partnership (for a community service need, a donation campaign, etc.)
  • All requests must be received by AVA’s Administration by
    • The last day of May or
    • The last day of November
  • Any request that is not completed fully and with exact information will not be considered.
  • Approval is granted for one school year at a time. Therefore, a new activity or request must be completed each school year.
  • Once AVA’s Administration team communicates a decision, that decision is final. Requesting parties are not to expect further discussion or explanation, either in writing or in a meeting with administrators.
  • If there is dissatisfaction with the decision made by AVA’s administration, the requesting party will follow AVA’s Communication Pathways.