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Production/Show Information

Students will have two opportunities to participate in school productions.
We Are The Sea
The first is We Are The Sea by Laura Lundgren Smith and tells the story of Irish immigrants during the potato famine as they attempt to cross the Atlantic ocean in search of a new life in the United States. Students looking to participate in this show will need to sign up for the We Are The Sea elective during 8th period. By signing up, students are committing to have this show be one of their elective periods for the first two quarters and to the performance days on December 15th, 16th, and 17th after school.
The Addams Family Jr.
Our second production will be our school musical, The Addams Family Jr. and will be put on in the spring. If your student is interested in a lead part, please sign up for an audition using this link below.
Singing auditions will be on December 5th, dance auditions on December 6th, and callbacks on December 8th. Students looking to work on the set and behind the scenes will sign up for the Addams Family Set and Props elective with Mrs.Cooper.
Information about the audition and the production as a whole can be seen in our informational letter below. Please reach out to Mr. Bodiker or Mrs.Cooper if you have any questions.
Students also have the opportunity to apply for a leadership position in the show. We are currently looking for a stage manager, an assistant director, and a lightboard operator. If your student is interested in any of these positions, have them fill out the form below. This form will close on November 30th, after which Mrs.Cooper and I will reach out to prospective canidates.