Board of Directors

Troy Schroeder

Troy Schroeder is Board President.  He was born in Denver, Colorado, the oldest of four, and is a third generation Colorado Native.  Troy, his wife Holly, and their two boys have called Douglas County home since 2000.  He received his Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Accounting from the University of Denver in 1995. After graduating, Troy began his professional career with Arthur Andersen in Denver.  Troy currently serves the Chief Financial Officer at Haselden Construction.  Troy maintains an active CPA license in Colorado and is a member of the Colorado Society of CPA’s, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Construction Financial Managers Association.

Julie Casten

Julie Casten is Board Vice President. Presently, Julie works as the Academic Engagement Administrator for Pikes Peak Online School and Colorado Preparatory Academy, a position which combines Julie’s passion for students and her community, with her skills and knowledge in managing work flow and balancing financial influences. Julie has successfully implemented a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) at both schools, with a focus on a robust Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program.

Prior to her current role, Julie worked within the construction industry, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University. Go Rams! Julie and her two beautiful children have lived in Castle Rock since 1982.

Eric Patton

Eric Patton is Board Treasurer. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of WealthSource Partners, a multi-state wealth management company with operational headquarters in Centennial, CO.  Prior to merging into WealthSource Partners, Mr. Patton was the Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Avant-Garde Advisors. Eric received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, from the University of Wyoming where he met and married his wife, Jennifer.  Eric and his wife are also owners of Cars Helping Charities, a national car processing company for charitable vehicle donations.  They have resided in the Meadows of Castle Rock since 2006 with their two boys, one of which currently attends Aspen View Academy.  They are currently expecting their third son and are avid supporters of the Denver Broncos, the University of Wyoming, their community and Aspen View Academy.

Tracy Popovic

Tracy Popovic is Board Secretary. Tracy and her family relocated to Colorado in 2015 after spending over 8 years living in Europe. She currently has three children at Aspen View Academy. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communications in Mass Media and received her master’s degree in Education and Teaching Credential from Cal State Fullerton in Southern California, where she is from. In 2017, Tracy decided to shift careers into Real Estate and is currently with Realty One, Premier focusing on residential sales, managing her personal rental properties, and flipping homes.

Shari Allen

Elected in 2019 as a Board Member, Shari Allen joined the Aspen View Academy Board of Directors tasked with enhancing the school’s connection to the community through marketing communications. She brings a healthy small business perspective as a local Castle Rock business owner in the apparel personalization industry. Prior to joining the board, Shari worked in a sales and marketing capacity at a national cable network. By leveraging her marketing experience, she aims to help AVA continue its impact on lives of not only the children that attend AVA, but the entire AVA community as well. Shari is an active mom to four boys, all who attend AVA. Shari, her husband, Chris, and their boys have called Colorado home since 2014 and enjoy skiing and hiking. Mrs. Allen earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Winthrop University with a focus on liberal arts education.

Aaron Ellsworth

Aaron joined the AVA board of directors in April 2020 after volunteering and serving as the School Accountability Committee chair for the 2019-2020 school year. Aaron is serving as a Board Member. Currently Aaron is a Managing Partner at TrueNorth Companies, a national insurance agency with two locations in Colorado.  Aaron received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Northern Colorado.  Aaron and his wife Kathy are both Colorado natives and have two children who attend Aspen View Academy.

Jonathan Nye

Jonathan Nye is a Board member.  He is a seasoned business professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Jonathan has worked in technology and business management capacities spanning a broad range of industries and relocated to Colorado in 2001. Jonathan is passionate about developing Aspen View Academy into an educational landmark in Castle Rock to serve the needs of the community and south Douglas County.

AVA Board Working Sessions/Meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Please check the Event Calendar for updates.

Board of Director Meeting agendas and minutes will be added as they become available. Previous year archives for BoD minutes are at the bottom of this page.





Principal Reports


January 01-20-2022
December 12-16-2021 12-16-2021 12-16-2021
December Special Session 12-09-2021 12-09-2021
November 11-18-2021 11-18-2021
October 10-28-2021
October Special Session 10-01-2021
September 09-16-2021
September Special Session 09-02-2021
August 08-19-2021 08-19-2021 08-19-2021


June 06-05-2021 06-05-2021 06-05-2021
May 05-20-2021 05-20-2021 05-20-2021
April 04-15-2021 04-15-2021 04-15-2021
March 03-25-2021 03-25-2021 03-25-2021
February 02-18-2021 02-18-2021 02-18-2021
January 01-21-2021 01-21-2021 01-21-2021
December 12-17-2020 12-17-2020 12-17-2020
November 11-19-2020 11-19-2020
November Emergency Board Meeting 11-08-2020 11-08-2020
October 10-22-2020 10-22-2020 10-22-2020
September Special Board Meeting 9-28-2020
September 09-17-2020 09-17-2020 09-17-2020
August 08-27-2020 08-27-2020 08-27-2020


July 7-28-2020  

AVA Back to School Plan July 28 2020


July Emergency Board Meeting 7-16-2020 7-16-2020
June Strategic Planning Session 06-27-2020
May SPECIAL MEETING 05-27-2020
April 04-09-2020 04-09-2020
March 03-11-2020 03-11-2020
February 02-20-2020 02-20-2020
January 01-09-2020 01-09-2020
December 12-12-2019 12-12-2019
November 11-14-2019 11-14-2019
October 10-10-2019 10-10-2019
September 09-12-2019 09-12-2019
August 08-22-2019 08-22-2019


July No Meeting
June 6-22-19

Strategic Planning Session 6-22-19



May 5-16-19
April 4-18-19 4-18-19
March 3-13-19 3-13-19
February 2-21-2019

Special Board Meeting 2-11-19



January 1-17-19 1-17-19
December 12-13-18 12-13-18
November 11-8-2018 11-8-2018
October 10-18-18 10-18-18
September 9-20-18 9-20-18
August 8-16-18 8-16-18

Board of Directors Meeting Public Comments

The Aspen View Academy Board works for the students, parents, and patrons of Aspen View Academy in promoting the vision and mission of the school. Community input that can help the Board meet the challenge of educating our children to our high standards is always welcome. Thus, the Board welcomes comments from members of the public during the public comment time set aside on the agenda on any topic. Since we believe it is important for our community to have agenda topics ahead of time, the Board will rarely respond to public comments during this open forum. The Board will only act on items listed on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only, and may, at its discretion, refer the matter or calendar the issue for future discussion.

To sign up to speak during Public Comment please go to this link:

For all previous Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes please click here.



Seat No. Term End Date Elected/


Board Member Board Position
1 5/1/2023 E Aaron Ellsworth Member At-Large
2 5/1/2023 A Troy Schroeder President
3 5/1/2024 E Eric Patton Treasurer
4 5/1/2024 A Tracy Popovic Secretary
5 5/1/2022 A Jonathan Nye Member At-Large
6 5/1/2022 E Shari Allen Member At-Large
7 5/1/2022 A Julie Casten Vice President

Please contact Troy Schroeder at with any questions.

AVA Charter Contract 2016-2021

AVA Charter Application

Bylaws 1-11-2018


The Aspen View Academy opened to provide parents another school of choice in Castle Rock.  As we enter our sixth year of operations, the BOD embarked on a planning process designed to assess the current environment, chart a course for the future and define a sustainable model that enhances AVA for our students and broader school community.

Using the most up-to-date facts and figures the Strategic Plan is intended to act as a “road map” for future growth, establishing priority impact areas and defining key tactics that will be necessary to achieve the long term goal of providing educational excellence, growing and ensuring academic success and giving back to the AVA community. 

You can access the current draft of the AVA Strategic Plan.



The primary function of the Finance Committee of Aspen View Academy (“AVA” or “the Charter School”) is to assist the Board of Directors (“the Board”) in fulfilling its responsibilities by advising the Board, and in certain instances by acting on behalf of the Board, on matters relating to AVA’s finance, accounting and investment policies.

The Finance Committee has established the financial policies and procedures herein to ensure:

  1. The Board, respective committees and the administrative staff of AVA understand their financial fiduciary responsibilities;
  2. AVA administration is informed with respect to the expected frequency of financial reporting and analysis and the amount of detail required by the Board;
  3. All financial dealings including, but not limited to, cash management, contractual dealings and fundraising operations of or related to AVA operate through the Charter School’s administration;
  4. Assets are protected and managed properly;
  5. Appropriate forecasting and budgeting of financial needs;
  6. Maintenance of accurate records of AVA’s financial activities; and
  7. Compliance with federal, state, and local legal and reporting requirements.

The Finance Committee is comprised of a Chairperson, who is the Treasurer of the Board, as well as a minimum of two additional members, each of whom are free of any relationship that would interfere with the exercise of his or her independent judgment as a member of the Committee.  Committee members are required to have creditable finance or accounting backgrounds and their appointments to the Financial Committee are subject to background checks and an application review processes by the Board Treasurer and/or Committee Chairperson.  The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining and, as appropriate, updating the financial policies herein, subject to final approval by the Board.  Exceptions to written policies may only be made with the prior approval of the Finance Committee and the Board.

Changes or amendments to these policies may be approved by the Board at any time.   A complete review of the policies shall be conducted every two years and any revisions hereto must be approved by the Board at that time.

The current version of AVA’s Finance Committee Policies will be published on AVA’s website.  When revisions are made to these policies, updates will be posted to the website within 5 business days of Board approval.

Every Board member and every Principal with financial related responsibility is expected to be familiar with and operate within the parameters of these policies and guidelines.


Troy Schroeder

Eric Patton

Alex Marino


Committee Meeting Minutes will be added as they become available.




May 05/17/2021
April 04/13/2021
March 03/24/2021
February 02/15/2021
January 01/19/2021
December 12/14/2020
November 11/18/2020
October 10/19/2020
August 08/24/2020


May 05/12/2020
April 04/07/2020
January 01/07/2020
December 12/11/2019
November 11/12/2019
October 10/8/2019
September 9/10/2019
August 8/20/2019


May 5/14/2019
April 4/16/2019
March 3/11/2019
February 2/19/2019
January 1/17/2019
December 12/11/2018
November 11/6/2018
October 10/16/2018
September 9/18/2018
August 8/16/2018


April April, 2018


May May 4, 2017
April April 5, 2017
February February 28, 2017
January January 31, 2017
November November 01, 2016
October October 20, 2016
August August 30, 2016


December December 10, 2015
November Novebmer 18, 2015


May May 13, 2015
October October 15, 2014

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The SAC’s purpose is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes.

Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

Every year parents of Aspen View Academy Students are asked to take a Satisfaction Survey. You can review the results below.

2019-2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

2020-2021 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

SAC Bylaws





January 01-11-2022
November 11-16-2021 11-16-2021
September 09-28-2021 09-28-2021


May 05-11-2021
April 04-13-2021 04-13-2021
February 02-16-2021 02-16-2021
January 01-19-2021 01-19-2021
November 11-10-2020 POSTPONED
October 10-27-2020 10-27-2020
August No Meeting


June No Meeting
May No Meeting
April 04-29-2020 4-29-2020
March No Meeting
February 2-20-2020 2.20.2020
January 1-16-2020 1-16-2020
December No Meeting
November 11-14-2019 11-14-2019
October 10-24-2019 10-24-2019
September 9-25-2019 9-25-2019


April 4-10-19 4-10-19
February 2-13-19 2-13-19
January 1-16-19 1-16-19
December 12-05-18 12-05-18


March 3-13-18 3-13-18
February 2-13-18 2-13-18
January 1-16-18 1-16-18


April 4-24-18 4-24-18

SAC Committee Members

Chair Jessica Shepler
Board Liaison Aaron Ellsworth
Secretary Holly Landauer
At Large Member Eric Lute
At Large Member Deanna Towne
At Large Member Cara Feinholz
At Large Member Annadee Wright
At Large Member Kristen Strange
Community Member TBD
Elementary Teacher K-2 Cari Risby
Elementary Teacher 3-5 Ashley Chambless
Middle School Teacher Curtis Bodiker
Staff At Large Member Holly Landauer
Principal Bob Barber
Principal’s Designee Dave Bodiker
Non-voting Parent Member Lindsey Wahl
Non-voting Parent Member Malia Doss

You can contact the SAC committee by emailing


The purpose of the SAC is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes.The SAC makes recommendations concerning the school’s Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, or Turnaround plan, and meets at least quarterly to discuss implementation of the school’s plan and other progress pertinent to the school’s accreditation contract with the Board of Education.Final decision-making authority rests with the principal or other person or group receiving the recommendation from the SAC (e.g., The Superintendent, District Accountability Committee (“DAC”) or Board of Education).


What is the relationship between a charter school’s governing board and its School Accountability Committee?

Charter schools are administered and governed by a governing body in a mannner agreed to and set forth in the charter contract. Colorado law allows the State Board to waive for charter schools many of the state requirements and rules promulgated by the State Board, which includes statutory and regulatory requirements of the Education Accountability Act 2009. Charter Schools authorized by the Charter School Institute may not waive any statute or rule relating to the creation of and membership requirements for School Accountability Committees (see section 22-30.5-507(7), C.R.S.), but they can seek waivers from section 22-11-402, C.R.S., concerning the duties of the School Accountability Committee.

Charter schools may choose to have one or two members of their governing body serve on the School Accountability Committee in order to complete any of the required duties of the School Accountability Committee. In the alternative, governing boards may establish both a School Accountability Committee and Finance Committee that report to the governing board on all tasks that are delegated to them, including making recommendations for the school’s improvement plan and making recommendations on school spending priorities.

Our Mission

Aspen View Academy will succeed through academic excellence in a challenging and stimulating learning environment that emphasizes math, technology and language arts, enabling our students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, strong community members and future leaders.

Our Vision

We recognize that an education is incomplete without fostering the arts, sports, nature, and character. Together, with our students, faculty, parents and community, we will develop civic and personal responsibility, intellectual passion and differentiated instruction in a safe, orderly, balanced and nurturing environment.